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Rahul Kohli, ‘iZombie’ Actor, Reveals Childhood Sex Abuse



📷 ©Gage Skidmore/unCrazed Composite

Rahul Kohli, known for CW’s iZombie, has revealed he is a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

The 33-year-old wrote on social media, “The longer I keep my secret, the longer I feel like I’m protecting someone who doesn’t deserve it,”

He opened up to his followers in an effort to share his thoughts which are victims “are not to blame,”

In his tweet, Rahul wants to ensure he doesn’t let others down “who are too afraid to step forward and confront their own past,”

Many have shared their appreciation for Rahul telling his story, with one commenter saying, “Suffice to say, you’re doing a commendably brave and strong thing speaking about this, you have a ton of support, and you’re no doubt helping a lot of people be equally brave in the immediate future and well beyond.”

He’s opened up in a recent interview about his childhood, saying his parents weren’t rich but made sure both him and his sister “saw as much of the world as possible.”

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